The story of Fried Barry began with the 3-minute experimental short film of the same name, shot in 2017.

The concept was simple: a strung-out heroin addict tweaking out in a warehouse after his latest hit.

The short is injected with a harsh energy that surrounds the main character, Barry. His intense performance is heightened with flourishes of severe sound design and snappy editing. The short is reminiscent of Chris Cunningham and grabs the audience’s attention and doesn’t let go until the bitter end.

The short was a success: the simple concept and stylized execution earned the film 59 official selections and 13 awards at film festivals across the world.

It has since received its wide release through iHorror – the internet’s biggest horror news platform, earning hundreds of thousands of views across platforms.

The short has generated huge interest among horror fans, writers and content creators with dozens of positive reviews, articles and vlogs.